Turns Screensavers Across the Globe Into Your Traffic Generating Slaves!

"Screenblaze was something I wanted to do for a long time. Now that I'm getting out of the Internet Marketing business I wanted to give the idea to someone who could do it justice. Well, Mike Chen has turned this into a viral tornado! This is yet another completely untapped source of traffic for your site. You're crazy not to use it."

Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author of MindControlMarketing.com
Widely Recognized as the "Tiger Woods" of Internet Marketing

From: Dale Woodland
Sponsored by: Kenneth E Wheeler Sr

What if you could suddenly jolt your marketing efforts by injecting a massive stream of fresh traffic into your site?

With ScreenBlaze, you can now earn traffic for every minute your computer's screensaver is running!

You no longer have to waste time. Leave your computer running all day and night if you want. As long as the screensaver is on, you're driving traffic to your site.

The best part is, it's FREE and you can get started in the next 30 seconds.

Here's just some of the reasons why ScreenBlaze is one of the most powerful viral traffic systems to shock the Internet...

ScreenBlaze makes use of previously wasted computer time.
Before ScreenBlaze, when your computer was simply sitting there idle, nothing was happening. Now, after you take 30 seconds to install our FREE screensaver, you'll start earning credits for every single minute your screensaver is running, no matter how long you leave it there.

You can earn traffic while other people's screensavers run.
As if it wasn't enough to earn traffic while your own screensaver runs, for each person you refer to ScreenBlaze, 10 levels deep (more on this later), you'll be earning traffic while their screensavers run as well. Just imagine if you had thousands of people who's computers were sitting there running screensavers, earning you traffic!

ScreenBlaze produces much greater volumes of traffic than any other system.
Due to the unique way ScreenBlaze lets you earn traffic (by simply letting your screensaver run), you'll never be without traffic. Furthermore, due to the fact that you can earn credits 10 levels deep for all your referrals for each and every minute anyone's screensaver is running, the traffic comes in so fast you may have to purchase more bandwidth from your web host soon after starting ScreenBlaze (seriously).

ScreenBlaze takes a proven traffic system and twists it so it's fresh.
The code for ScreenBlaze is based on the code of Mark Joyner's proven StartBlaze/ExitBlaze sites (which reached the net's top 50 in just 6 weeks). While other traffic systems are commonplace and easy to ignore, ScreenBlaze is fresh and unique, lending to more useful and powerful traffic.

ScreenBlaze is totally FREE, and won't interfere with anything.
Don't forget that there is absolutely no charge to use ScreenBlaze, and it can't possibly interfere with anything at all. Since it only does its thing when your computer is not being actively used (when the screensaver is running) anyway, using it will only make your time more productive.

You can be up and running with ScreenBlaze for FREE in just 30-60 seconds.
I got tired of long, tedious signup processes a long time ago, so when I designed ScreenBlaze.com I made sure to simplify the process as much as possible. Just follow my quick and easy 30-60 second sign-up process, click a button to install the ScreenBlaze screensaver, and enjoy a practically automatic flow of traffic into your web site! Click Here To Get Started Right Now.

How exactly will ScreenBlaze.com bring me a stampede of targeted traffic?

ScreenBlaze.com is a traffic exchange which operates through your screensaver. That means that for each and every minute that your computer is showing the ScreenBlaze screensaver, you'll earn credits. Those credits will then be spent on showing your web site to other people who are running the screensaver.

Our system is 10-levels deep, which means you can build a network of people 10 levels below you that are all earning credits for YOU. In essence, for each minute any of your referrals 10 levels below you is running the screensaver, you'll earn credits!

For each minute your screensaver or someone in your downline's screensaver is running, you will earn 1/10 of a credit (because our system is 10 levels deep).

This is perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of ScreenBlaze. It's one thing to get credits as your screensaver is shown, but imagine how fast that could multiply if you referred just a few people and they let their screensavers run.

Imagine for a second that on average, each person leaves his or her computer on at night for 12 hours and lets the screensaver run (in reality, the screensaver will run more than that in most cases). Let's suppose that you only refer 3 people to ScreenBlaze (however in reality, you'll probably refer much more), and that each person only refers 3 people, and so on.

Check out how many times your web site will end up being shown to someone else:

Levels Below You# of Credits Earned
Level 172
Level 2216
Level 3648
Level 41944
Level 55832
Level 617496
Level 752488
Level 8157464
Level 9472392
Level 101417176
Grand Total:2125728

That's over 2 million times someone will see your web site per day. Of course, that's only if the scenario above happens exactly as I described it. In reality, you could get less or much more! You do the math as for how much money that will make you!

Now, if you've dabbled in any other traffic generation systems, the numbers above probably look thousands of times higher. How can ScreenBlaze be so much better than the rest? It's simple. By utilizing the "idle time" of thousands of computers all over the world, and earning credits every single minute they just sit there, traffic counts tremendously higher than those seen elsewhere can be achieved.

If you're not quite sure you completely understand, click here to read our frequently asked questions.

Otherwise, proceed to our 60-second signup process and everything will instantly become clear...

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"The real power ScreenBlaze provides is when you refer just a few people and you start earning traffic as each of their computers just sits there and runs the screensaver. To anyone looking to rack up hits faster than any other method (and pay nothing) - ScreenBlaze is the answer."

Dale Woodland
Author of the revolutionary search engine tool from RankLocator.com

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